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cafe paco
August 6th, Hiroshima Lounge!!

We will have this event on August 6th !!

5 CIEE volunteers will join this event.

August 6th (Fri.) —Cafe Paco@ (No Charge)

9:00`10:00@@@Hibakusha's Story@@Ms.Kasaoka
@@@@@@@@@@@Listen to the life stories of Hibakusha

11:00`12:00@@Recitation@@@Read Children's Picture Book and poems about peace

13:00`14:00@@Story of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial City Construction Law

15:00`16:30@@Picture Story "Japanese Islands divided war" Workshop
@@@@@@@@@@@CIEE Volunteers will tell you the story of "Japanese Islands divided war"
@@@@@@@@@@@The year of 201X, power generation's revolution occurs.
@@@@@@@@@ @And "Japanese Islands divided war" starts. What will you do if civil war happens?

17:30`19:00@@@"Experience of War & conflict" @@Talk with People in Sri Lanka

We are looking forward to meeting you soon!

For more information, please call us at 082-247-0645 or email