Module I. Introduction to Peacebuilding

1.Lesson Focus

 The purpose of this module is to obtain basic understanding of peacebuilding. The module is designed to gain coherent picture of peacebuilding through covering issues such as the concept of peacebuilding, its history, and its methodology. At the same time, the module will also cover some caveats to be made in making policy recommendations. In the workshop component, the module aims to nurture necessary perspective in order to make policy recommendations.

2.Targeted Goals

  • Acquire understanding of peacebuilding.
  • Acquire understanding of peacebuilding methodology.
  • Obtain practical way of thinking concerning peacebuilding.

3.Components and Details of Each Unit

  • Unit 1: The Concept and History of Peacebuilding
  • Unit 2: Methodology of Peacebuilding
  • Unit 3: Practicing Peacebuilding

(1)Unit 1
 By covering the emergence of the concept of peacebuilding and its transitions over the time, the Unit 1 aims to explain the necessity and details of the term. First, the unit introduces the meaning of the concept, then the unit explains underlying understanding that drives the peacebuilding, as well as, who implements peacebuilding in today’s world. Finally, the unit will try to place current peacebuilding activities within the historical context.

1-1 Peacebuilding and Education
1-2 Education in War-Affected Countries
1-3 International Education Assistance
1-4 Post-War Reconstruction of Education in Hiroshima and Japan

<Targeted Goals>
・Understand the concept of peacebuilding
・Understand the details of peacebuilding
・Understand the history of peacebuidling

(2)Unit 2
Aiming to implement peacebuilding activities on the ground, Unit 2 covers methodology of peacebuilding. First, the unit aims to understand a basic premise of the policy recommendation in peacebuilding field by touching upon basic understanding of conflict issues. Then, in order to be able to make policy recommendation in peacebuilding, the unit surveys hitherto methodologies of peacebuilding activities in political, legal, economic, and cultural fields

2-1 Conflicts in the World
2-2 Peacebuilding in Political and Legal Field
2-3 Peacebuilding in Economic Field
2-4 Peacebuilding in Cultural Field

<Targeted Goals>
・Understand necessary way of thinking in planning peacebuilding policy
・Understand how to make policy recommendations in peacebuilding
・Understand some of the major methodologies of peacebuilding

(3)Unit 3
Targeting people with different background engaging in peacebuilding, Unit 3 is a workshop aimed to consolidate concepts and methodologies of peacebuilding covered in previous units. Theme of workshops will be selected based on needs: for example, peacebuilding policy recommendation concerning conflicts arising from daily live, simulation of peace agreement negotiation, evaluation of peacebuilding program, discussion of conflict analysis, a policy proposal competition and etc.

<Targeted Goals>
・Apply methodologies of peacebuilding related to policy recommendation, analysis, and evaluation acquired through the Unit 1 and 2.