Cafe Paco is run by Peacebuilders(PB)

cafe paco

Cafe Paco-Menu-

@ drink menu

Cafe Maraba @ccc@400 JPY

Specialty coffee carefully grown in rich land of Rwanda is hard to find as it is produced in a small Rwandan cooperative, with small amount of production.

Tea@ccc@320 JPY

Fair-trade certified tea from India (Darjeeling)

Hibiscus Tea (from Sudan) ccc@320 JPY
Four Types of Fruits Tea (from Bosnia-Herzegovina)@ccc@ 320 JPY

Chai (with Soy Milk or Milk, with cookies) ccc@ 450 JPY
Cafe Blanc (with cookies)@ccc@450 JPY
Cocoa (with Soy Milk or Milk, with cookies) @ccc@450 JPY

Strawberry Milk ccc@400 JPY

snack menu

Fair-trade certified chocolate (Winter Only)@ccc@250 JPY
Cookies 150 JPY
We also have other healthy menus like chickpea curry prepared with only natural spices made by Radha-san.