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Human Resource Development

@People build peace. PB places its emphasis on nurturing the future peacebuilders.

2007 Activities

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan commissioned gPilot Program for Human Resource Development in Asia for Peacebuildingh
@Hiroshima University re-commissioned advertisement, event planning and management component of the pilot project to PB. HPC accepted 29 program associates from Japan and other Asian countries, and organized public symposiums targeting researchers and ordinary people. After completing six-week coursework in Hiroshima, 29 program associates were dispatched to international organizations and NGOs in the field of developing countries, and successfully completed the program in March. 92 applicants applied to the 15 Japanese Program Associate posts, which illustrated high interests and needs for such a program. Out of 15 Japanese program associates, 12 of them successfully found employment in international organizations.

Coffee House

Cafe Paco Salon
Using Cafe Paco as a community space, PB organizes coffee houses on various topics, and PB organized two such occasions in the year 2007.
No. 1 Time and DateF July 7 ,2007 2-4pm

ThemeFTo build peace from Hiroshima and Japan

Dr. Yuji Uesugi
(HPC Program Officer/Associate Professor, Hiroshima University)
gHow to foster experts in peacebuilding field\Efforts and actual state around the worldh

Dr. Hideaki Shinoda
(HPC Director/Associate Professor, Hiroshima Universityj
@gHow to convey the reconstruction of Hiroshima and Japan after the World War to people around the worldh

Professor Kenji Isezaki
iProfessor of Tokyo University of Foreign Studiesj
gHow should Japan support peacebuilding?h
No. 2 Time and dateF October 13 ,2007 7-8:30pm
ThemeFConflicts in Africa and Agendas in the gPost-Conflicth Phase
LecturerFShinichi Takeuchi (Director, African Studies Group, Area Studies Center, Institute of Developing Economies, Japan External Trade Organization)

Public Lectures in Other places

Feb 23 ,2007 PlaceFHiroshima Jogakuin junior and senior high school
ThemeFThe present situation of fair trade
Lecturer: Ms. Chie Fuji

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