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What We Do
PB is engaged in various projects related to peacebuilding and human security.

Human Resource Development
People build peace. PB places its emphasis on nurturing the future peacebuilders.

In order to make intellectual contributions toward the peacebuilding activities, PB conducts research project related to peacebuilding.

Consultant Work
PB carries out consulting with its high expertise in issues related to peacebuilding.

International Exchange
@To familiarize and people to become interested in peacebuilding, PB conducts various international exchange projects.

Fair Trade
@Building a society with efairnessf is fundamental for world peace. We carry out various projects for deeper understanding and better recognition of efair tradef.

Post Conflict Countries Assistance
@Providing assistances to Post Conflict countries is one of the main pillars of PBfs activities. PB carries out planning and running activities with a focus on peacebuilding.