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YES4FUTURE Training Program for Teachers

The program for developing the educational network in civil society
for improving psychosocial care of youth in Hebron
(This program is financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan,
under "The Grant Assistance for Japanese NGO Projects" Program)

Goal of this program is to train Palestinians who directly communicate with children,
such as teachers and social workers, so that they can better support children who are stressed out
due to unstable political situation.

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Goal of the Program Through this program, PB will support Palestinian children, so that they, even amid difficult political situation, will maintain hope for their future and develop their capacity.
Program Site Hebron Governorate, the program site, is the biggest Palestinian governorate with the largest population in the West Bank. The City is also believed to be one of the oldest cities in the world, and according to the Old Testament, the city was created under leadership of Abraham (Ibrahim).
Program Activities Under current situation in Hebron where children have to live with constant instability and limitation of their movement, they are easily stressed out. It is also difficult for them to develop their capacities, such as imagination and communication skills. In this program, PB will promote drama education to Palestinian people as a tool to effectively support such children.
By so doing, PB hopes more and more Palestinians will be aware of the importance of support for stressed children.
Background PB implemented many activities related to Palestine in Hiroshima, Japan. In 2010, PB also conducted field research on daily life of Palestinian youth, and applicability of expressional education for them. Based on the findings of the research, PB implements this program with "Yes Theatre", Palestinian NGO, as local counterpart.
our program
We need volunteers who can support our work. Volunteer work may include translation, and PR activities. Arabic speakers are especially welcomed!!