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International Exchange

To familiarize and people to become interested in peacebuilding, PB conducts various international exchange projects.

2009 Activities

Developed picture-story show for peace education material

From praying to building world development and peace. PB made the peace education material to develop empathetic understanding as an essential and to realize conflictions and international problems, which are happening not far away in some areas. PB hopes you would realize that the activities for peace are immediate issues which are the same as we have in our society.

The first picture-story "Japanese Islands divided war"

Please feel free to contact us for its delivery performance to schools and associations.

Accepted CIEE volunteers

From July 26 to August 3 2009, PB accepted volunteers who came to Hiroshima through the International Volunteer Projects, and recruited host families for them.
The six volunteer members were from:
EJapan (22-year-old)
EKorea (26-year-old)
EGermany (19-year-old)
EFrance (21-year-old)
EPoland (20-year-old)
EPoland (21-year-old)

The events with CIEE Volunteer members

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