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About us

Objective PB exists in order to contribute to peacebuilding through operations ranging from implementing a peacebuilding project, conducting a research, making a policy proposal, providing information, to making contributions to human resource development from a perspective of human security.
Name of Organization

Established Date
Type of Organization
Non-for-Profit and Non-Governmental Organization.
  1. Research
    • Conducting Assessment and Policy Recommendations
    • Consultant Works @@

  2. Practice
    • Peacebuilding and conflict prevention activities
    • Human security-related development activities

  3. Advocacy
    • Organizing meetings and symposiums
    • Lobbying politicians and bureaucrats

  4. Community activities
    • Public relations
    • Peace education
    • Human resource development
    • Selling fair trade goods
    • Miscellaneous charity events for the fund-raising purpose
Mission Statement @

Too many are suffering from scourge of war all over the globe, and some are forced to live under circumstances where they have to make decisions between life and death. Achieving a world where all people can live peacefully is perhaps a dream that will never be fulfilled. The dream, however, is the one that is pursued arduously by the mankind since ancient time, and the one that will never be abandoned.

We call assisting and working with people who are trying to build peace gpeacebuilding.h In order to build peace, talking about the dream is not enough. With a sense of realism based on theoretical analysis, we have to identify a roadmap that is appropriate for each context, and implement it. To achieve this goal, various activities-ranging from actual activities on the ground, research, policy recommendations, information sharing, and human resources development- are needed, and these efforts must be united to make full uses of them.

PB, with a circle of gpeacebuilders,hworks to assist peacebuilders around the globe build peace for the better future.

Contact Information

1-6-17 Koihon-machi, Nishi-ku, Hiroshima City 733-0812
email :

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