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The upcoming event with CIEE volunteer members

The announcement on the upcoming event with CIEE volunteer members who are coming to Hiroshima!!

As we had stated in the article "Host Families Wanted (updated on July 8th)," we are going to accept six CIEE volunteers from overseas from Sat. July 25th to Fri. August 7th. We are planning some events that the volunteers from various countries can participate in.

1. 18:00- Wed. July 29th at Cafe Paco
(Free of charge, no application needed. Drinks are available for order.)

"Peace Education and Volunteer Spirit"

As the volunteers come to Hiroshima all the way from various countries, we are going to ask them to talk about peace education as well as volunteer spirit of their own countries.

Our first theme is "peace education". Even in Japan, each region has its own unique curriculums. If countries are different, there should be more different ways of teaching and learning about peace. Why not take this opportunity and study together about what kind of peace education the volunteers' countries have? You might discover something new by listening to their stories.

Our second theme is "volunteer spirit." The six volunteers are coming to Hiroshima this time as part of the international volunteer project. Many of them have been involved in volunteer activities in the past. We are planning to ask them to talk about their volunteer spirit based on the experiences they have, such as why they have participated in those activities or what kinds of experiences they have gained so far.

It may sound a little bit difficult to you, but it is a very casual discussion! Please feel free to join this event! Our fair-trade drinks are also available!

We are looking forward to your visit!

2. 15:00- Fri. July 31st at Cafe Paco
(free of charge, no application needed. Drinks are available for order.)

"Cultural Exchange Meeting
-Sweets, Music, and Language- "

On this day, we are planning to hold a casual event named "Cultural Exchange Meeting -Sweets, Music, and Language-."

In this event, volunteers from France, Germany, Korea, Poland, and Japan are going to bring their traditional sweets! Why not spend an afternoon of this day relaxing with one of our specialty, fair-trade drink, and sweets in exotic music?

Also, if you are interested in or have been learning languages such as French, German, Polish, and Korean, you can take this opportunity to challenge your language ability by talking to the native speakers. For those who are interested in languages overall, this will be a great opportunity to listen to languages other than English.

Of course, we welcome people of all ages, from children to adults!

We suggest that you come to Cafe Paco earlier, since we have a limited number of sweets for the day. (Please acknowledge that we are closing this event as soon as the sweets have run out.)

For more information, please call us at 082-247-0645 or email

From July 25th, we are holding an exhibition of pictures painted on glass named "Peace on Costa Rica." This is going to be held from July 25th through August 21. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to come to Cafe Paco.